Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pennsylvania Ghosts 24/7

For those of you with a keen interest in ghost stories--I must say, this includes me--I have discovered a blog you must follow. It is Haunts and History, and its url is While you are there, click back to its main website, Pennsylvania Haunts and History.
I went there to check on the continuing saga of Duffy's Cut, and I must say the story has gathered new aspects, like a giant snowball rolling downhill. This sounds like a criticism. It isn't. I have no doubt that the story is true, and as Dr. Watson--who I have talked to--presented it. But a story as awesome as this one will inevitably pick up additions and new interpretations with each new teller.
I think that is good, for the most part.
What's the Duffy's Cut story to me? It's about justice--the justice of memory, which is the only kind that can be done to the 57 victims. Dr. Watson said to me that the people who had become involved in the project had changed, were not the same as they had been before. He included himself.
Having undertaken such a task myself--in my case, a biography of the Holocaust heroine and martyr Gisi Fleischmann--I know what he means. A friend of mine has had a similar experience: You stumble into a fragment of a story, and suddenly it becomes your mission, your obligation, to tell it.

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