Friday, August 20, 2010

No To Politics: No (Especally) To Toomey

A friend of mine tells me that there is a Pat Toomey ad somewhere on this blog. I do not see it; but that does not mean it is not there, perfectly visible to bemused visitors. I say "bemused" because anyone who knows me knows that, while I am a political person, I do not wish to give any kind of boost to Mr. Toomey.
Or, for that matter, to anyone else--not in this blog. This blog is meant to be a celebration of Pennsylvania and its whole heritage, not a hashing of once-and-future political nastiness. This is because I have discerned that one of the chief things American--and Pennsylvania--society needs to recover from is the savagery of politics as it has been practiced. I conceived "Welcome To Penn's Woods" to do something about this, to help in a small way to reestablish a sense of community and of shared things.
When and if I want a political blog I am perfectly capable of starting one. I am upset to think that my effort here is being upstaged by a political candidate I find especially objectionable, whose only qualification for being on the same page with my posts is that he has a lot of money and I don't.
I am grateful to Blogger for making space available to me and to other unmoneyed people. May I please ask that no political ads of any kind be placed on this blog? If it is argued that this would violate Mr. Toomey's free speech, I disagree with this. If I have a yard, I can certainly take anybody's political yard sign--or refuse to take signs from anybody, too. All I want to do is to refuse any and all yard signs.
And besides, if political candidates have free speech rights, why don't I? I set up blogs, after all, wishing to express my own views, not those of Candidate X.

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