Friday, August 13, 2010

Mission Statement For "Penn's Woods"

A once-and-future enthusiasm for Star Trek (all crews, all captains) was what first introduced me to the concept of the Mission Statement. Undertaking this blog and "Letters From Lyonesse" is just my latest effort to boldly go where I have not been before.
But what do the blogs themselves mean? What are THEIR mission statements?
Well, I know what I mean, of course; but this does not necessarily give the reader any guidance. In the case of "Letters From Lyonesse" I am still working to express the intent in 10 or a dozen well-chosen words.
In the case of "Welcome To Penn's Woods," though, I think I have it at last. And here it is:

The mission of "Welcome To Penn's Woods" is to acquaint Pennsylvanians and others with the historical and cultural richness of the Keystone State, and to encourage them to fight for it.

I get 31 words here. Maybe a little long by today's standards of attention--but not, of course, by Star Trek standards.

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