Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Trouble We're In

It will come as no news that Pennsylvania (and our country, and the world) are in deep economic trouble. To date, I have no really good information on this; but I have heard as many as 35 or more state parks and historic sites may be closed to save money. Some of these are being taken over by caretaker groups of citizens; and I want to do my best to connect with these groups and help their efforts. Can we help with upkeep of a site? If so, how? When can members of the public visit? Visiting is important; it expresses our interest in and concern for our heritage. (Not to mention that under today's stresses we really need recreation...)
Back in the 19th century, when we were a great and promising place, a Frenchman named Montesquieu visited the United States. He wrote that, in this new land, as soon as a man discerned a public need, he would join with his neighbors and form an organization to fill that need.
A perceptive man! As a matter of fact, that was one of the things that made us a great and promising place. Let's restore that tradition of joining together to solve problems and meet challenges, and we stand a fair chance of once again becoming a bright and promising place.

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