Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here's Pennsylvania!

Welcome to what could easily become, with your help, one of the biggest niche blogs on the internet. It's all about Pennsylvania, my native state and one of my lifelong enthusiasms. If you're a native too, or if you vacation here and just like the place, I hope you find it both entertaining and enlightening. Once I get used to the technology I'll be seeking stories, recipes, and comments from you, my readers.
My qualifications to do this? Try a lifetime serious interest. I have, to begin with, a typical mixed Pennsylvania ethnic background--predominantly Pennsylvania Dutch and English, with some Poles and Moravians (not the church, the geographical region) on various branches of the family tree.
I got a degree in history after growing up on a farm in Carbon County, wrote a well-liked history of my county called "Smokestacks And Black Diamonds", and founded the South Bethlehem Historical Society.
This and my other blog, "Letters From Lyonesse" ( are intended to be my retirement profession; so drop by my virtual front porch and say hello. Tell me your stories and maybe I can help you share them.

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