Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Linda's Kitchen Corner

A couple of days ago I published a cookie recipe from Linda and Rocco Maniscalco's wonderful Italian Christmas Eve cookbook, "The Feast of the Seven Fishes". Now I am going to recommend--again--the Maniscalcos' web site, www.statabuon.com. And particularly the blog linked to it, "Linda's Kitchen Corner". She has subtitled it "The Italian American Food Tradition of Pennsylvania"; and she is so right in her approach.
To a large extent, food is heritage. More, food is life. The various cuisines of Italy represent one of the world's great food traditions. But what will happen to it, or to any cuisine, when it first moves far from the home base, and then settles down next to new peoples? Will it change? Yes, of course. What happens to Italian-cum-Italian-American when the neighbors are Pennsylvania Dutch or Japanese and everybody starts sharing recipes around the neighborhood? Everybody's tastes are going to change somewhat.
This is all part of heritage, too--tomorrow's heritage. It looks as if Linda plans to explore it, and more power to her. Right now there are tasty-sounding recipes and intelligent commentary. I recommend reading it.

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