Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thinking Christmas? Think Pennsylvania

If you're wondering where to shop for the upcoming winter holidays, you might start by looking at the online Pennsylvania Bookstore, Here you will find gifts for your brightest and most intellectually curious friends and relatives, and probably some nice things for yourself as well. Also, you will find a couple of ways to become more deeply involved with the state and its heritage. Here you can buy membership in the Pennsylvania Heritage Society, with its benefit of a subscription to the outstanding Pennsylvania Heritage magazine. You can buy an impressive blue and gold Pennsylvania flag, a big one to fly on your lawn next to the national one.
You can even take an active step toward saving part of the state heritage by clicking on Save Our Stories on the bookstore site.
Here's what that's all about. During the Civil War Pennsylvania raised over 215 regiments for the Union Army. All of these had muster rolls, some multi-volume ones. These muster rolls are important sources for learning about our Civil War soldiers. Some 900 of them are moldering away, though; and funds are needed to save them. This is where your help comes in. Give if you can; and help pass the stories on.
Now to turn to the store's books. They are on a fabulous range of subjects--all having to do with Pennsylvania. It is not clear to me, but you may have to join the Pennsylvania Heritage Society to shop here. I plan to do that myself; and you certainly should consider it as a present to yourself. (Remember, you get the magazine...)
The books range in topic from art and architecture to history, military history, natural science, and beyond. There are books for children; and, of course, there are cook books. One of those that caught my eye is The Pennsbury Manor Cookbook--featuring recipes that might have been served by William Penn's first wife Gulielma at the Penns' Pennsylvania country home, Pennsbury Manor. Gulielma did plan for such things; but it is difficult to look at this title without a twinge. The poor woman was sickly, and did not live to spend a day in the elegant home by the Delaware.
In case anyone is wondering, this post is not an ad. I just found this great site, and I am pleased to give it a plug. Please let me know about any personal experiences you may have with it.

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