Monday, October 25, 2010

About the Pennsylvania Bookstore--Oops!

I must retract some of the things I said 0r implied about the Pennsylvania Bookstore in my previous post. It definitely will not be there forever, as I had hoped. In a message I got from staff there just this morning, I learned there is a real possibility the shop would close at some future time. No date was given.
But now the good news. You can still use the site for your winter holiday shopping this year. You can still join the Pennsylvania Heritage Society and get its great magazine. You can still sign up for Save Our Stories and help in the preservation of Civil War records. And maybe the Bookstore will go on for a while. Who knows? Maybe our orders could help, though I am not guaranteeing that.
I promise to double-check my information next time, and to remember that an online website is not an inscription carved in stone or molded in bronze.

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