Friday, September 24, 2010

My Books--and Moon Trail's

Several people have asked about my books--their subjects, availability, and so on. Thanks to Moon Trail books, which has published the smallest of them, there is now a place where you can go to learn about them all. It is the Moon Trail website, which you can access at (Note: In this case, DO NOT type in "http://www" That seems to fill in itself if you type in the rest. If you have trouble--this is a new site, and I have found that access has some quirks--leave a message in the comment box, and I'll check it out.)
Once you have accessed the Moon Trail site, click on "about the authors", then on the two pages with my name, Joan Campion.
While you're there, check on ALL the Moon Trail authors and their books. This little niche publisher is an amazing outfit. It has so far put out four books, and is about to publish a fifth. All of them are beautiful to look at and pick up and read--a booklover's dream. All have interesting stories to tell. Two have won prizes. And, by sheer coincidence, all of them--including the small booklet by me--have Pennsylvania connections. AND, Moon Trail also uses s quality Pennsylvania printer, rather than ship projects out-of-state, or even to China.
For a small company like Moon Trail, this gesture can be nothing more than symbolic. But symbolism is important.

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