Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aid For The Distressed: The Beginning

This feature is one of the things, I hope, which will set this blog off from others about Pennsylvania. It will provide information on how to help the state, your local community, cultural and natural resources--even yourself--during a very tough time. As that old naturalized Pennsylvanian Ben Franklin put it during even more stressful times (the American Revolution), "If we do not hang together we will all hang separately."
Well, he meant "hang" quite literally, of course--that was the usual fate of those who lost a Revolution. That is not likely to happen to us in our time; but if we do not act to sustain our society in this tough period, things are likely to get considerably worse than they are now. You probably don't want that to happen; so grab an oar if you can. There's almost never NOTHING you can do.
You will find opportunities to volunteer in your communities through your houses of worship, clubs, newspapers, radio, and television. These posts, I hope, will bring you news of how you can help on a larger scale, in heritage or environmental projects; or even on how you can raise money for your group or for yourself. I am indebted to the office of State Representative Joseph Brennan, and to my long-time friend the journalist Len Barcousky, for understanding what I am trying to accomplish with this feature and providing some material to start.

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