Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aid For Daniel Boone!

...and who ever thought the great, Pennsylvania-born frontiersman would need OUR help? But he does. The farm on which the 18th century hero spent the first 16 years of his life is located near Birdsboro in Berks County; and believe it or not the Daniel Boone Homestead is one of the many history/heritage sites which have been cut out of the state budget. While the property still belongs to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it is currently being administered by a citizen group called Friends of the Daniel Boone Homestead. They, and the three part-time employees who are working with them, need all the help they can get--which is true of many other historical and artistic organizations as well.
But for those of us who are able to help any of these groups, the benefits are many. We can enjoy wonderful features of our state that we did not know about before. And we can help make sure these places are there for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.
(With this in mind, doesn't Daniel Boone's old home sound like a great place to take children? Maybe even whole troops of Boy or Girl Scouts? Wouldn't they enjoy the historic buildings, the lake, the hiking and riding trails on the 579-acre property? And, for that matter, how about the rest of us?)
For full details, check the website at www.DanielBoonehomestead.org It lists the events that are available, some of which have small fees attached. These fees, of course, help to support the site. The website also mentions other ways in which you can help--membership in the Friends of the Daniel Boone Homestead at various levels, for instance. If you live nearby, you can also become a volunteer, providing a variety of skills from guides to gardeners to craft demonstrators.
Amanda K. Bowman, interpretive coordinator, points out that the hours at the Homestead are limited these days, and asks that you email ahead to make reservations. She can be reached at bowmanak@gmail.com

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